Rich Lane
Rich LaneOwner

Rich Lane retired after 50+ years in Manufacturing & Marketing to open Lakeland Piano, now known as Piano Alley.  A stroke 10 years ago halted his ability to play but not his passion and determination to put the love of music in our children’s lives.  He saw a need for placing this showroom in Central Florida.  He felt that if he didn’t go forward with the dream, someone else would.  He feels very fortunate to have this opportunity.  Rich has always enjoyed being around music and has a reputation of being a people person.

As no man is an island, Lakeland Piano is fully staffed with very talented personnel from administration to sales to teaching to service.  Get to know our “Team” by visiting our showroom.

Alex De La Torre
Alex De La TorrePiano, Guitar & Voice

ALEX DE LA TORRE, an alumnus of Southeastern University, is the owner of De La Torre Music Studios. He currently serves as Worship Director at FBCBGFL and a freelance Musician/Actor. He is excited to help you reach your artistic potential!

Alex is an accomplished Musician/Actor in the Central Florida area. Past credits include DANNY ZUKO in GREASE, MORDRED in CAMELOT, MITCH MAHONEY (FTC award winner) in SPELLING BEE and RITCHIE VALENS in THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY. Alex, while employed at BUSCH GARDENS, performed in SOUNDSATIONAL!, CHRISTMAS FROM THE HEART and MADAGASCAR LIVE!. He’s had the pleasure of leading and serving in worship ministry through voice, guitar, piano, bass and drumset for churches over the last decade.


Soli Deo Gloria

Trent Brooks
Trent BrooksPiano

Trent Brooks is a versatile pianist.  Trent has always had a love for the creative arts as a whole however music is what lives in his heart.  Some of his many musical influences are Cory Henry, Hans Zimmer, and Bach.  He believes strongly in the idea that musical creativity should not be limited to the “rules” of which many formally trained musicians hold themselves to.  In fact, he believes that each individual should be innovative in anything they do; especially when it comes to music.  While Trent still teaches fundamental principles of piano, he also teaches them the art of improvisation.  His goal is to help his students reach their full potential; this includes developing an excellent work ethic, diligence and eagerness to learn.

Tanyaliz Beauchamp
Tanyaliz BeauchampVoice and Piano

Tanyaliz Beauchamp is a Singer Songwriter and performer in Central Florida. She graduated Southeastern university with a bachelor’s in Music Business with an emphasis in voice. With extensive voice training under the direction of Edward Bryant and Paul Harlan of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Tanyaliz has experience in opera, broadway and contemporary music. Tanyaliz has performed on Tour from Nashville to Ohio and Pennsylvania for the Contemporary music Tour 2018. She currently serves Leading Worship and vocal directing in her church “Casa de amor y fe”.

Grace So
Grace SoPiano

Grace is an accomplished pianist with an extensive background in classical piano as well as contemporary worship and sacred hymnal music. She studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada where she received her honorary certification of classical piano and theory education. She later studied at Canada Christian College (Toronto, ON) for her Bachelor of Sacred Music degree where she expanded her musical playing extensively through chordal arrangement, improvisation, and playing by ear in various styles. She has also studied extensively with many world renowned concert piano teachers and performers worldwide, including Hoda Nassim (Ottawa, ON), Margaret Macpherson (Ottawa, ON), Sergei Pavlov (Toronto, ON), Sue Yi Yong (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), Zheng Ping An (Taipei, Taiwan) etc. In addition to teaching piano, she also serves as a piano and flute accompanist in various churches throughout her international teaching minsitry in Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, and US.